In accordance with Article 4, the revised MOA begins on the date of confirmation of the UIF`s acceptance of the application for COVID-19 TERs and remains in effect for at least three months, unless it is extended by mutual agreement. This may be relevant if the blockage is extended or if a business continues to close after closing. On April 9, 2020, in light of changes to the Coronavirus Guidelines (COVID-19), the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) issued four new agreements (MOA) that will be used when employers apply for the covid-19 temporary relief scheme (“TERS”). It also adopted a revised application procedure. Nevertheless, the agreement will enter into force in accordance with paragraphs 1.3 and 1.4.1 of Form 4A (employer obligation) if it receives a letter of authorization “A3” and receives acceptance of such authorization by UIF. As a result, employers must wait for confirmation by UIF `A3` letter of authorization for the application to be approved and informed in writing of the amounts to be paid to workers as a result of this authorization. The revised MOA is now in PDF format and is signed by the Director General of the Department/UIF. With respect to the automated electronic response, employers are required to enter the company`s name on page 1, which is initially on each page of the revised MOA, and to register completely at the end. Notwithstanding the initial signing and signing of the revised MOAs, paragraph 1.2 of Form 4A (employer company) contains a commitment requiring employers to confirm that such a signature does not automatically mean that their application has been approved and that there is a binding contract between the employer and the department/UIF.

You should be able to check the online status on the UIF portal. If not, call the helpline 0800 030 007. You must complete the corresponding forms – health care (14 days of quarantine) under 2. Normal UIF BENEFITS – APPLICABLE FORMS (These documents are provided by the employer and the request is made by the employee. The employer can assist in the actual submission of the application by e-mailing it to the corresponding email address and in the UIF guide below) Employers are required to open and maintain a specific UIF bank account, which must be separated from the employer`s business account in which the UIF will pay TERS benefits. Employers must also submit a letter to the UIF confirming the person`s authorization to file the TERS application on behalf of the employer. Article 6 provides that an employer justifies this by approving the revised MOAs: Article 12 of the revised MOAs also requires an employer to provide proof of payment to the UIF within five days of receipt of the UIF funds.